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Connect smarter to create better songs


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We help you be a better songwriter and get discovered






Tell us about you as a songwriter and as a person through our psychometric survey.
Then we connect you with other music creators based on your personality, skill set and location.
As you grow as a music creator our advisory board of music industry professionals and songwriters is here to educate, mentor and discover you.

Early support and collaboration with


briidge is the world’s first free matching platform for music creators powered by psychology.

We connect music creators based on their skill set, location and personality.

We aim to create a networking app that expands the creative and professional
opportunities for the next generation of music creators by helping them
circumvent financial, geographical, and industry barriers.

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Write now or later 

See who's available to write with you right now or schedule a session for later.

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Discover on briidge

What people are saying about briidge

The FUTURE of musical collaboration.

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Amazing way to connect with other creatives and industry professionals

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briidge has opened so many doors for me!

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A must have app for songwriters

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The app’s team is also heavily involved in community engagement / have created opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the industry’s best. Download!!

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